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Stitches in time

The story of our first collection

Sourcing fabrics with the colours and patterns that we imagined took a long time. Here in Dubai all are imported. We started by going to small retailers and discovered incredible prints for our early designs, but we ended up producing early outfits on a completely one-off basis. We needed to be able to make limited editions, and now source materials imported from all over the world, with many fabrics coming from Singapore, India and Japan.

Our kaftan designs float and swirl with the movement of the body, meaning that the quality of the cut and details of the tailoring are fundamental. Finding the right partners who have an eye for the perfect shape to make the most of the symmetry of a pattern and match motifs, as well as the necessary attention to detail, proved to be an arduous task. In the end we succeeded, and have a genuinely talented production team.

It took us almost six months to be ready, with many ups and downs, but gradually with each step forward we were getting closer to what we first visualised for house of kimmi, Our first collection represents everything that we hoped for, and we are proud that it has materialised from an idea into so many wonderful outfits.

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