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At house of kimmi, we believe in helping people out. Recently, two of our customers - Lucy and Naomi - asked to model outfits for a perfume company photoshoot they were participating in.

When they arrived they were quiet, polite and respectful. I took them into the back room (where all good things are stored) and we checked out all of our outfits hanging on the racks. As they had come in jeans and flats, they borrowed a couple of pairs of high-heeled shoes.

Suddenly, there were peals of laughter and excited chatter, and they both emerged heads held high, taller, bolder and sassier. They had become the best, most confident version of themselves.

I know this because I have felt, and continue to feel, that same adrenaline shot of confidence when I dress up in our style. It forms part of my mission. I have had many disappointments and setbacks. There were days when I thought that house of kimmi would never take off. I have been through times when I have been curled up on the sofa in the living room with the curtains drawn and could not summon the energy to get up, and when I've had to flee for my life with my daughter during violence in 2007 in Kenya.

I asked the young women how they felt. Lucy responded, "Somehow stronger, more beautiful and yeah - more confident. Way more confident." I felt so proud.

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